AI Photo Measure v0.12 Beta Updates

AI Photo Measure

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The AI Photo Measure 0.12 Beta release includes several updates, and progress content is steadily being added to


Common Items
Users may now select common items as their “source object.”  Currently the list contains around 50 items, and many more will be added soon.  If there is a common item, with a fixed size you would like added to the list, please let us know.
Online Help
An online help-page has been added with preliminary content; while the page is not yet complete, you may preview it here. Plans are to move most help-information online, and create a tutorial YouTube video for more visual demonstration.
Website Updates is still under construction, but has been vastly updated, with improved colors, styling and easier navigation.
Autosave Autosave has been implemented.  The main autosave is in the main folder named “autosave.mes” and old autosaves are automatically archived in the “autosave” folder.
Feedback! Many smaller updates, fixes, and improvements have been added based on user-feedback.  Your feedback is essential to providing the the best experience possible, so please send your feature requests or bug reports.  See the contact page for the latest email address, or leave a comment below.

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