AI Photo Measure v0.11 Beta

AI Photo Measure

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AI Photo Measure’s latest update includes several large changes and new features.


  Photo Measure  You may now photograph objects in the environment & measure them using the new perspective mode.  Normal mode in development.
  New UI  Brand new User Interface style, new icons, and customizable skins.
  File Browser Import photos, and save & load measure projects, and more.
 Help Info  Help screens added inside the app.  Click the “?” icon for more.
  More !  Many other more subtle updates, fixes, features, and easter-eggs have been added.  Try it now at Google Play Store.

Many more features are currently under development, so expect updates soon.  Your feedback is also highly appreciated and essential to providing you the best experience possible.  For feature requests or bug reports, either leave a comment below or visit the contact page.

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